Welcome to a relaxing experience of the nature

With us you can experience nature up close and personal with the deer around us. We are located in a nature reserve where you can wander the Skåneleden, swim ,fish or paddle in the lake, experience the rich flora and fauna, play golf or get a lovely outdoor experience on horseback.

Why not just come and relax and get new strength, clear the brain for life`s challenges and new decisions.
Natur helps with stress and is positive for blood pressure.
Todays`s society many lives with a constant stress mark of the hormones Cortisol and Adrenaline.

You are welcome to bring your own horse or dog and enjoy nature, tranquility and the opportunity to stay overnight.

You can also buy a 1-day fishing license to the lake which is about 200 meters from the house and it is also close to Malmö Airport.


The nature reserve has a rich and interesting fauna of insects which among others includes Europe’s biggest beetle; the 8 cm long stag beetle. The rich deciduous forest grows beech, oak, hornbeam, alder and different berry trees. The Ekholms-lake, with white water lilies and floating pondweed, is located here and the area around is a landscape which contains kettle holes and other traces left by the ice age.